Sparkle or Crumble?

I was looking through some old drawers when I found some lush toothy tabs; since I hadn’t used these in a while (they might be expired, whoops), I decided to try them again. Baring in mind I’m not sure if these are still made – that’s how old.

This particular ‘flavour’ is called ‘SPARKLE’ – sounds like your teeth are going to be glowing right? I’m not too sure…

While these are a BRILLIANT idea to use less plastic, this particular flavour was not as fabulous. Lemon, grapefruit and black pepper- a interesting mix. However, other than the odd flavour these little tabs were pretty cool.

You bite them to crumble them up in your mouth and then brush as usual. They foam up as usual and once I got over the initial shock of the pepper flavour my mouth felt very clean.

The packaging is plastic free which is fab, they are very environmental. I think if you can afford to use these instead of plastic tubed toothpaste, the you definitely should (just perhaps maybe another flavour).

The Start…

Hello everyone, I am starting a new blog on WordPress since I did not like the one I had created on Wix and wanted a fresh start!

I will be posting updates on makeup, beauty and other things that I find interesting.

Please stick around for the ride 🙂